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TEDx San Francisco

I love to build stuff. I started my first internet company in high school and have a degree in architecture. Along the way I started multiple projects and companies in education, technology, sustainability, design thinking and medical research. I'm always trying to create new opportunities and solve the most pressing problems. I grew up in the Netherlands and live in San Francisco.A few years ago I’ve been diagnosed with a rare genetic disease that causes tumors to grow in my central nervous system, which puts me at risk for losing my hearing, eyesight and mobility. After that I started AllStripes, helping rare disease communities unlock important research data, and I'm currently building new therapeutic discovery platforms for genetic disorders at Rarebase.

TEDx San Francisco

Onno speaking at TEDx San Francisco October 3rd 2019.

Public Speaking

It's my mission to inspire people to see problems as opportunities, see your work and talents as ways to be of service for other people and live life to its fullest potential.My recent journey, being diagnosed with multiple tumors as a result of a rare genetic disease, has shifted these values into a higher gear. I speak about my journey as a serial entrepreneur and as a patient. I've been previously speaking at TEDx, Future of Genomic Medicine, Exponential Medicine and numerous patient events.

Please send me an email if you are interested in me speaking at your event.

“Onno is a can’t-miss speaker. He draws you in with the moving story of his journey of entrepreneurship and the founding of RDMD. He shares his heart and vision in a way that is inspiring and he’s also pragmatic about what we can do together to create change. He speaks about his work from a place of integrity and caring so patients are empowered to join the RDMD movement”
– Jill Wesley

“Onno is a fascinating person, a great speaker and comes bundled with a compelling story. He’s a man on a mission with an infectious energy for solving problems and it’s hard not to be inspired in his presence. He’s an authentic person who relates naturally to his audience and can move a crowd to motivation. We’re all lucky that he’s decided to dedicate his passion and attention to such a great cause – if you get the chance to watch Onno speak, or better still, have him present at your event – you’ll be better off for it.”
– Josh Twist (Facebook)


We'll all be patients one day | TEDxSanFrancisco